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Every year we try to find a catchy idea to ask you to part with your hard-earned dollars to fund the gap in NALM’s budget that membership fees alone do not cover.

This week, in the spirit of such a unique 2020, we are going dull!

Conventional fundraising wisdom says that no one wants to contribute to Operations. However, without Operations, we’d have no Association. So this week’s focus for our Fall Appeal is on the operational needs of NALM. We give you a glimpse (by no means complete) of what it takes to keep our Association

Please assist with your donation! Thank you to those of you who have already contributed this year. We invite you to consider another gift if that is possible for you.

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Gifts can be made at the link above, or by mailing your gift to
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Marc DelMonico and Harry Dudley are our next presenters in our Fall Series, with God's Own Vintage: Lay Ecclesial Ministry after 15 years of Co-Workers, as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Co-Workers in the Vineyard.  Checkout our sponsors, who have generously supported NALM.


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In Loving Memory...Sr. Amy Hoey

We remember and honor Sr. Amy Hoey, RSM. Amy was the project coordinator for the writing of Co-Workers on the Vineyard of the Lord. She used to attend and present at NALM’s conferences and was a wonderful inspiration and supporter of lay ministers and lay ministry.  Click here to read her obituary.

About us

NALM is dedicated to providing vision, voice, leadership, and advocacy for lay ministers and for the development of lay ministry in the Catholic Church.  We do this through fostering and supporting the spiritual and theological formation, training, and ongoing development of career and volunteer lay ministers.

NALM traces its roots to 1976 when a group of lay people, vowed religious, and clergy began meeting annually to share their expertise and to support each other in the common goal of establishing and improving programs of lay ministry formation throughout the United States. Today, the original vision has expanded to include lay ministers serving parishes, diocesan offices, higher education, healthcare, and prisons throughout the U.S. and world.

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Your generous contributions help support the efforts of NALM.

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NALM Donation
Funds donated here go to assist NALM in its day to day activities. These funds give an extra boost to NALM as they are not counted as part of our ordinary budget.

Sister Florita Fund
The Sr. Florita Fund assists members to attend the annual conference with scholarship funds.

Annual Appeal
Each Fall NALM begins a campaign with a goal to complete our budgetary obligations. Your contribution helps us to achieve our budgetary goals.

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Ministry Formation Directors online discussion group

God’s Own Vintage: Lay Ecclesial Ministry after 15 years of Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord

God’s Own Vintage: Lay Ecclesial Ministry after 15 years of Co-Workers Nov 12

Ministry Formation Directors online discussion group