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Regional Symposium Reports
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Regional Symposium Reports

Regional Leadership Symposiums have been held in eight regions of the country. These symposia were designed to gather pastoral leaders including pastors, parish life coordinators, parish staff such as pastoral associates, deacons, diocesan personnel, and pastoral council leaders. These gatherings will provide opportunities for dialogue to surface emerging models, best practices, and lived theology. Participants are diocesan teams who will be invited to share their experiences and vision for the future of parish life.

The purpose of the leadership symposium was two-fold:

1. To collect research information about how parish pastoral leadership is responding to the needs of the church.
2. To create a national conversation about pastoral imagination in developing creative parish leadership.

At the leadership symposium participants:

1. Heard how others are addressing leadership issues.
2. Were provided with a reflection process that can be replicated in parish or diocese.
3. Were asked to respond, in writing, to a series of questions regarding the topic of the symposium.

A final analysis of the models and best practices was published in 2009, as the final book in the "Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership Series," published by Loyola Press.

Marks of Pastoral Excellence
by Marti Jewell, D.Min., David Ramey
September 1, 2005
How would you rate your leadership in the areas of being collaborative, ethical, pastoral, prophetic, inclusive, and welcoming? This is the question being posed to pastoral leaders across the country in a series of leadership symposia sponsored by the Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership Project.

Mid-Atlantic Symposium Final Report
by Dave Ramey
November, 2, 2005

North Central Symposium Final Report
by David Ramey
November 7, 2006
Pastoral leaders in the North Central region describe parishes of the future as having changing parish structures and roles, along with more involvement in leadership of the laity. Participants feel there will be a greater awareness and emphasis on social justice and Catholic social teachings, as well as an increased role of service as part of the parish identity.

Northeast Symposium Final Report
by Dave Ramey
June 23, 2005

Pacific Northwest Symposium Summary Report
November 8, 2004

South Symposium Final Report
by David Ramey
October 3, 2006
Participants from the southern tier indicated that in the future there would be more diverse parish structures with sensitivity to cultural diversity. When asked to describe what inclusive pastoral behaviors included they most frequently mentioned multi-cultural awareness and inclusivity, the importance of teaching by example, and creating welcoming, inclusive, and inviting communities. When expressing their views on the needed welcoming behaviors of leadership, participants overwhelmingly defined these as personal efforts to create a genuinely open and welcoming environment with cultural sensitivity.

Southwest Leadership Symposium Report
by David Ramey
September 5, 2006
In the report for the Southwest Leadership Symposium participants identified the parish of the future as being defined by increased lay leadership, inclusive of diverse people and forms of leadership, smaller faith based communities, clustered and changing parishes, and increased use of technology. Read full report.

Upper Midwest Symposium Summary Report
by Dave Ramey
November 18, 2004

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