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Ministry during the pandemic crisis
supporting each other, and moving forward in faith

This page is dedicated to helping all of us in lay ministry, and those supportive of lay ministry.  Much information on the Covid-19, or Coronavirus, is being shared around the world.

Here, we want to offer support specifically for those in ministry.

How do we minister to each other, and to those whom we serve, during this time of continual change and uncertainty?

Online discussions, forums, and resource areas are just a few ways NALM can help us stay connected and support each other at this time.  Click on any of the options below for more information, to join the forums, and to register for upcoming discussion sessions.

Checkout topic areas, add comments, start a new topic.  Share what you and your place of ministry is doing to go digital, keep community while "social distancing," and share challenges and successes.
You must be a NALM member to post on the Forums, but you do not have to be a member to view the forums related to Covid-19.

Online Discussions
Online, small group discussions, "Ministering during a pandemic. Sharing our stories" facilitated by a NALM member.  These are ongoing, so check back for additional scheduled sessions.  These sessions are confidential.

Resources that help lay ministers during this time will be added to this page, and/or found in the forum topics.  If you know of additional resources, please share them on the forum.

Check back for future additions on this page.