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"lay people “participate, in their own way, in the priestly, prophetic, and royal function of Christ
himself. The Council, therefore, does not look at lay people as if they were
„second class‟ members, at the service of the hierarchy and only executors of
orders from on high, but as disciples of Christ who, by force of their baptism
and their nature inserted „in the world,‟ are called to animate every space,
every activity, every human relation according to the spirit of the Gospel.” - Pope Francis

The NALM Advocacy Committee supports and promotes lay ministry by increasing awareness of lay ministry through a variety of projects such as the Co-Workers in the Vineyard project gathering stories of lay ministers. It also includes the work of developing position papers. This committee also serves parishes, dioceses, and other church organizations.

Lay Ministry Sunday is an event we encourage your parish & Diocese to celebrate. It’s an opportunity to recognize the Lay minister’s service to the Church, & offer them support. This celebration will raise awareness to the role of Lay ministers & how they contribute to the vibrant life of the parish community while inspiring them to discern joining them.


Lay Ministry Sunday (in English)
Lay Ministry Sunday (en español)
Recommitment (in Creole)
Recommitment (in Mandarin)
Recommitment (in Polish)